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Classrooms and Demonstration Areas

Our Classroom facilities are all comfortably furnished and spacious with excellent resources including the latest SMARTBOARD technology. We endeavour to provide delegates with a pleasant environment in which to train and develop.

Your training will benefit from our modern indoor practical training facilities which includes:

Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) and Entrance Exit (NX) panel
"Trackside" training room with signals points, track circuits and train protection systems interfaced through relay and SSI locations
Legacy systems training area with mechanical points and signals, combined lever lock and circuit controller, Absolute block and key token systems
Points workshop for close attention to a variety of point machines
Computer based interlocking simulation with signaller's display

Classroom  Classroom  Practical room  Equipment Practical room

Practical Room

Our purpose built trackside practical training facility contains a comprehensive range of trackside equipment in a lifelike environment. However, it is fully indoors in a heated building and free from the hazards of moving trains, electric shock or false operation of equipment.

All equipment is fully functional, being interfaced through standard modern location circuits to a simulated relay interlocking. The equipment has a 4 aspect signal with junction indicator, subsidiary signal and fibre optic route indicator, Automatic Warning System (AWS), Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS), 3 aspect LED searchlight signal, DC track circuit, Reed Track Circuit, TI21 Track Circuit, Type HW point machine, Type 63 point machine, and a Mechanical supplementary drive.

In this area we are able to provide hands-on training for clamp lock and type 63 points machines. We have a full sized working clamp lock model in our main practical room. This has been specifically designed to illustrate the internal operation of the clamp lock mechanism. This has been achieved by the individual machining of the clamp lock main body. This allows delegates to see the internal operation of the cams and cam followers through a cut away view of the mechanism.

Clamp lock model  Clamp lock cutter model  Clamp lock cutter model

We can connect 2 HW or Style 63 machines to the switches in the Practical Room. This approach ensures that your delegates get the maximum exposure to the equipment whilst training with Signet Solutions.

Signalling installation, maintenance and testing activities on all the machines can be simulated at Signet Solutions.


SSI Training Area

A Solid State Interlocking (SSI) training area includes a standard location interfacing to a 3 aspect signal with route indicator, and clamp lock points. The equipment is commanded by a simulated SSI interlocking.


Legacy Equipment Training Area

We have a comprehensive range of working legacy signalling equipment, including: Absolute Block System Key Token System Mechanical Signals Mechanical Points Ground Frame Mechanical Interlocking Combined Lever Lock and Circuit Controller.

level crossing equipment  Lever frame

Route Relay Interlocking

We have newly completed a Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) training facility. This has been specifically designed and built for training purposes.

The interlocking itself has been designed in accordance with the BRS-SW67 circuits, updated where necessary in accordance with current principles.

A range of current and historic features are included, including such things as TPWS proving and indication, automatic signal replacement facilities, types of timing device and platform sharing controls

The signaller’s interface is provided by a new entrance exit panel.


A “test desk” enables the state of individual trackside proving functions to be disconnected.

A trackside simulation panel provides comprehensive simulation of the location circuits which would usually be on the “other end” of the line circuits from the interlocking. Both routine and failure states can be simulated

A range of principles and construction type faults can easily be switched-in as required

The RRI facility will be directly used in the delivery of a range of completely newly written courses to support the design, works testing, maintenance and general appreciation of the system.

The RRI is also invaluable in supporting our full range of high level signalling design, testing and maintenance training.


We like to welcome delegates to Signet Solutions and endeavour to assist them in any way we can and ensure that the time spent with us will be both beneficial and informative as well as pleasant and enjoyable. We are continually looking for ways to encourage and reinforce the service we provide.

On arrival you are welcomed by Isobel or Karen or Amelia, who will ask you to complete a short form (the information or which remains confidential) and offer you a coffee in our lounge area before showing you to your designated classroom.



Signet Solutions have a large pleasant and comfortable lounge area for all our delegates to use during break periods, including 46" wall mounted television, reading and free wi-fi area, well equipped kitchen including fridge and microwave. A large variety of hot and cold drinks and refreshments are available throughout the day.


There is an excellent restaurant situated within the grounds. The friendly staff serve a good variety of breakfast snacks, sandwiches, salads, hot and cold meals at subsidised prices.

If required, We can offer luncheon vouchers redeemable in the restaurant as part of a course package.