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Consultancy – In Signet you find Solutions

Our training role dictates that we keep up to date with technological and organisational developments.  This means that our consultants are equally capable of “parachuting” into your organisation to provide extra strength in a short or long-term situation.

Some examples of our successful consultancy operations include:

  • Development of engineering and process specifications, particularly in the field of signalling testing.
  • Consultants to assess the efficacy of design, installation and testing working as Independent Safety Assessors
  • Provision of Professional Head responsibilities for small organisations
  • Provision of standards update briefing packs and briefing events for small organisations
  • Provision of project managers to construction projects
  • Significant contribution to the drafting of new Signal Works Testing specifications

Please contact us there is any way we can help your organisation

So, you know where to seek a solution. Signet: Consultancy That Works.