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How can I get Work in the Rail Industry?

Signet solutions are not a recruiting agency. We do not place people in jobs, nor will our Rail Signalling Training courses guarantee you any employment in the Rail Signalling industry.

Our specialised training courses are used by employers in the industry to train their staff to perform specialised job roles. Employers in the industry do not normally expect you to have attended this specialist training before you start employment.

We therefore strongly advise against attending rail industry training courses in the hope of securing employment in the future. Other less reputable training companies may try to persuade you to take training to improve your prospects – we would advise you to ignore their persuasions.

If you are interested in finding employment in the rail industry, we advise you to apply to reputable organisations offering permanent jobs.

Reputable organisations offering permanent jobs seek applicants with relevant academic qualifications and/ or suitable electrical and mechanical experience gained in other industries. They do not seek applicants who have already attended specialised rail industry courses.

The types of qualifications and experience which rail industry employers seek would typically be:

For school leavers, a reasonable pass in applied science or physics.

For Jobseekers wishing to join the rail signalling industry at a later point in their careers a vocational qualification such as NVQ or City & Guilds in an electrical field would be desirable.

Rail signalling control is today mostly electromechanical or computer based. This means that you should have some electrical experience or aptitude to get you started. A mechanical aptitude is also beneficial, as points and level crossing barriers are required to be moved by electrical control systems.

There are many organisations in the rail industry offering job opportunities. Below are some links to the careers pages of a small selection. There are many more to find.

Finally, beware of “jobs” websites advertising individual vacancies for permanent or short term positions. Such companies are not offering employment, they are seeking commission. They will tend to give poor advice in terms of training needs and employment prospects.

Good Luck!

Can I work for Signet Solutions ?

Signet solutions are always keen to recruit new training consultants to our team. Ideal candidates will:

  • Hold an academic qualification preferably to Level 4
  • Be both an experienced engineer and communicator
  • Have a presentable and professional bearing
  • Ideally but not essentially, have railway specific experience

We will offer a competitive salary to suitable candidates. Our work is predominantly based at our Derby training centre but will involve travel to customer sites elsewhere from time to time.

If you are interested please send your CV and letter demonstrating how you meet the above criteria to enquiries@signet-solutions.com